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Going to Seed

Apr 19, 2014 09:00AM ● By Kristen Hoffman
Looking to give the toolbox a rest? The simplest of materials blend seamlessly in this easiest of funky projects.

Any type of cup and saucer will work here. I chose to go with new, store-bought selections, but you may elect to raid the cupboards or make a dash to your favorite antique or thrift shop.

I started with a garden ornament as the base, but you can use any kind of pole or rod for your interpretation of this fun project. A little heavy-duty glue, a few decals, and just a couple of minutes of assembly were all it took for this one.

Now, where shall I put this? In my garden? As an accent in a potted plant? Decisions, decisions!

Lessons Learned

Decals or other embellishments are best applied before assembly.

Be sure to select a metal or other all-season material for the base part of this project. Rustic wood stakes are cool, but they will inevitably rot after only a summer or two in the ground.

The cup and saucer can be replaced by any number of household containers or other fun objects. Get creative!


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