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Aesthetic Concrete Design

Dec 14, 2013 04:20PM ● By Sponsored Content
Aesthetic Concrete Design (ACD) is a custom concrete installation business that strives to give customers a personalized installation that won’t go out of style. After 15 years of working in the golf industry, owner Kip Edmonds wanted to do something different. He and his wife were looking to start a family and wanted a job where he could control his hours during the week.

Edmonds put his bachelor’s in horticulture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to use, starting a small landscape design and maintenance service in the Omaha-Lincoln area. To expand his business, he took training in installing decorative finishes on existing concrete surfaces. “I realized I really liked the creative aspect of taking a drab piece of concrete and turning it into something very attractive and very custom for the customer,” says Edmonds. The company started pursuing more custom concrete installation projects, at which point Aesthetic Concrete Design was born.

Nevertheless, ACD hasn’t forgotten their “green” roots and tries to eliminate any extra energy inputs on their projects when possible. Instead of replacing concrete, ACD focuses on treating and refurbishing existing concrete. ACD is also more than happy to still dig into landscaping projects when those occasional calls come in.

Customers can be assured that an installation with ACD will be filled with personal consultations and a complimentary design focus to make it a one-of-a-kind, holistic process. “We like people to see our work, but the last thing we want is for it to jump out as the only design element present,” Edmonds says. “It must work with everything else.”

For Edmonds, faith, family, friends, and then work are his priorities. He encourages employees to prioritize as well and find a balance that works for them, to increase productivity while in the office. Personally, Edmonds is able to mix family and business. In 2006, Edmonds’ dad joined him in installing insulated concrete forms for house construction. Today, Edmonds handles project duties at ACD, while his father handles most of the marketing and administrative duties.

Edmonds and his wife have three children and use Edmonds’ business experiences to teach them to work hard to reach their goals. “I want to be known as a man who lives his faith, is a good husband, father, friend,” he explains. “If I stay on that path, everything else will take care of itself.”

Aesthetic Concrete Design 21827 R&R Road Gretna, NE 402-616-9508 [email protected]

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