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Social Media

Dec 07, 2013 08:45AM ● By Katie Anderson
Social media has become a constant in our daily lives over the past few years. For my generation, Facebook started the trend. Everyone had an account during its prime. Facebook was essential in keeping up with everyone’s social lives. Pictures, birthdays, and other trivial news kept us up-to-date with current events.

Today, most teenagers use media sites that are accessible on mobile devices. These sites allow them to stay up-to-date no matter where they are. Twitter and Instagram are at the top of social media for teens today. Twitter allows a person to tweet updates about themselves in 140 characters or less. Instagram is a social media application where users post pictures to their profile for everyone to see. These sites help my friends and I stay connected without seeing them in person. This is especially useful if everyone attends different schools or does not live in the same city.

Almost everything in life is now connected to social media. It is necessary for a teenager to have at least one social media account to help with their daily lives. They can keep you updated on news, sports scores, or other information. Schools and teachers have also started utilizing social networks. Schools use social media to keep students well informed about activities going on within the school. Some teachers have started to use Twitter to post homework and class reminders. A teenager would miss out on current events and school information if they were not connected with social media.

I enjoy social media, but I have also realized how much it has become a distraction. A balance between social media and face-to-face interaction is the healthiest option. Too much online interaction can be counterproductive. Sometimes, people need to put down their electronics and enjoy the life around them.

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