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Jack Becker

Oct 31, 2013 12:12PM ● By David Williams
The dapper executive director and chief executive officer of Joslyn Art Museum, Jack Becker, agreed to play a 
rapid-fire game of “Fashion Word Association” for this issue’s Style Shot:

Leisure Suit “Oh, boy. I think I was 7. Dingy beige. Double-knit polyester, of course. 
Ghastly. Horrible. 
Hey, I thought you promised that 
this would be a friendly interview?”

Splurge “Italian Suits. Zegna. 
A magnificent obsession.”

Ugh! “Paint-splattered, torn, 
20-year-old shorts from The Gap.”

“The windowpane jacket. I get compliments every time I put it on.”

Jack Becker

Style “A certain edge. Fashion forward but age appropriate. Bold, but not too overly aggressive.”

Barbering “The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor. The most advanced blade ever.”

Art “The spatial juxtaposition of line, form, texture, pattern. How it all works together in a composition. Oh, you mean that. I thought we were still talking about my wardrobe.”

Close-up of clothing

Shown above: Holland Esquire
 tweed windowpane jacket with suede elbow patches and built-in pocket square, purchased at Becker’s favorite Parisian haberdasher

Jack Victor Italian
 silk and wool slacks

 horsebit suede loafers

Oliver Peoples 

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