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Slattery/Hruby Group of Merrill Lynch

Oct 21, 2013 10:54AM ● By Sponsored Content
What is your philosophy on what It means to be a financial advisory practice? The Slattery/Hruby Group provides wealth management services to affluent families and trusts.  We help clients articulate their goals, then guide them with appropriate strategies for investments, lending, wealth transfer, and philanthropy with particular emphasis on tax minimization and wealth preservation. By formally reviewing and understanding a client’s total assets and liabilities, we are able to develop customized solutions to address their unique needs and challenges. For clients, we seek to have a profound impact on both their financial and personal lives. Our ultimate responsibility is to help clients achieve their aspirations for themselves, future generations and their communities. Within that effort, we provide the personal attention and high level of service that significant wealth warrants.

Describe your practices’ investment philosophy. We apply a comprehensive wealth allocation framework to a client’s balance sheet.  In the simplest form you could state it as Risk Allocation precedes Asset Allocation. The framework process enables clients to construct appropriate portfolios allocating all their assets, featuring the home, mortgage, and market investments. The resulting frameworks are designed to meet client needs and preferences. The framework brings together Portfolio theory with aspects of Behavioral Finance to overlay a client’s risk exposures on to their balance sheet.  The application of our investment philosophy is typically executed within an Advisory relationship.

Slattery/Hruby Group of Merrill Lynch 1044 N. 115th Street Omaha, NE 68154 402-496-5152

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