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DIY How-To: Window Shutter Wall Art

Aug 29, 2013 10:40AM ● By Bailey Hemphill
Decorative window shutters create a great focal point in any room and work perfectly to fill a large, open wall that needs a little something. And the more aged and unique, the better!
  1. Take an old window shutter and wash away any dirt or debris from the surface, using tap water and a sponge. Let the shutter dry completely. Then, using fine sandpaper, sand away any remaining debris (though don’t sand smooth—a rough surface adds to the rustic charm).
  2. Paint the shutter with the type of paint made best for your shutter finish. Some paints are made for metal, others for plastic or fiberglass. I used a paint ideal for wood surfaces.
  3. For more interest, use a different color paint for a second coat. I used a second paint with a metallic finish, applying with a rubber stamp for a unique, subtle design. (When selecting paint color and stamp design, consider other colors and patterns used in the room’s décor to tie the look together.)
  4. For a more finished look, apply a clear coat of sealant and let dry overnight.
  5. If desired, mount a decorative piece of hardware or home décor item directly to the shutter. I used a small iron sconce, then added a candle. Be creative!
  6. Finally, mount the shutter to the wall securely. Two shutters hung side by side or “bookending” a piece of art or furniture also make a unique display.
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