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Teachers: The Good and The Bad

Aug 16, 2013 02:34PM ● By Bailey Hemphill
Teachers can make or break your school experience. They are there to help you increase your knowledge. This is not always the case. I have had a few teachers throughout my career that have been the opposite of what a good teacher should be and some that were amazing and have changed my life.

A few teachers were unpleasant and mean, and some would not even teach the class and had the students fend for themselves. Not all teachers are fit for their role. It’s hard to deal with these sorts of teachers. One way to work around this is to ask another teacher for help if you do not comprehend lessons well the way your assigned teacher is teaching. I always wanted those semesters/years with those teachers to go by quickly.

The amazing teachers are the ones I believe will impact my life forever. One that I can remember in particular always pushed me to reach my full potential as a student and as an individual. One of my favorite teachers always gave me praise for writing, and this gave me encouragement to continue and improve on my writing skills. The better I wrote, the more rewarded I felt.

Knowing and understanding your teachers is vital. Getting on a teacher’s good side has always been a goal for me. A few key things I have learned that are helpful include: paying attention in class, coming before/after school for extra help, and giving each and every assignment your best effort. These are the easiest ways to getting and staying on the good side of a teacher. A teacher usually recognizes the effort you put into class, and this can determine how much they are willing to help you out in the long run. The best way to get help from a teacher is to approach them during non-class hours. The one-on-one time with a teacher can be very beneficial because all of the focus is on you and your work. This is usually rewarded with a good grade.

Overall, a majority of my teachers have made my school experience an enjoyable one. I look forward to meeting my new teachers at the start of every school year.

Connor O'Leary is a student at Creighton Prep.

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