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Olive Branch

Apr 25, 2013 01:20PM ● By Mary Quinn
Olive Branch Integrated Outdoor Design, an Omaha landscape design company that specializes in lawns, pools, decks, patios, and gardens, has a "new tool in its shed," so to speak. The company's latest addition is a mobile unit that takes its design services on the road and right to customers' front yards.

Owner Mike Brown, who founded the business in 2005, says, "The unit is a 22-foot 1964 Airstream Safari, equipped with a couch and small table for clients to sit and review plans and ideas. I tow it behind my truck, and it can be left on a job site. The technology on board is pretty simple—a drafting desk and an iPad or laptop with a wiFi hotspot."

Each project Olive Branch takes on is tailored to the clients’ wishes and can be anything from a small upgrade for an existing area to a completely new space created from scratch, always with a “focus on artistry, cohesiveness, and quality outdoor living,” Brown adds. The mobile unit only enhances the company's ability to serve clients' design needs.

"Between client meetings and job site visits, I lose a lot of design time traveling," Brown says. "The mobile design unit allows me to take advantage of downtime between meetings without traveling all the way back to the office. I can make design changes on-site while a project is happening, and clients will be able to get a more intimate glimpse into the design process."

So far people have loved the "pop-up shop" on wheels concept, Brown says. "The hope is that the Airstream will become an icon for our company, and people will know they can stop in and visit us wherever they see us parked."

Olive Branch 4415 Marcy St. 402-490-1436

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