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Mar 25, 2013 05:05PM ● By Katie Anderson
Shortly after starting cosmetology school in Omaha, Troy Davis knew that he wanted to own his own business. He wanted to share knowledge and techniques with other hair stylists and provide a place for designers to go to work and creatively express themselves—whatever that expression may be.

Davis went to work for Carol Cole, owner and founder of Fringes Salon, after graduating. “I fell in love with Carol, quickly becoming good friends with her,” he says. “She has always been a great role model and mentor, both in business and in life.”

At the time that Davis began his employment with Fringes, Cole was managing two locations. Within a couple of months, she chose to close the location where Davis worked, asking him if he would move to the West Omaha location. He did, but he wasn’t sure how long he would stay, as he loved the environment in Downtown and Midtown Omaha more. But after four years, Davis and Cole partnered and opened Fringes in the Old Market, now EDGEWORTHY a Fringes Salon and Spa. “I was 24 [with] nothing else to my name besides my car…I went in with very little, starting the business from ‘nothing’ to build it to what we have become today. I remember going that first year with no income, and it [was] one of the most creative and happiest years of my life.”04 August 2012- Trish and John Gawley's wedding.

Our salon is like an art studio, and the people who work there are artists, in Davis’ opinion. “We’re all very creative individuals working together for the good of the team.”

He also believes that the salon and spa is unique because of the educated atmosphere. “We are the only salon that has ongoing, weekly classes for our designers,” he says. “Clients like knowing that we are up-to-date on the newest styles, techniques, and products available to us.” As for the design team, Davis says they’re very diverse. “We have stylists who speak different languages and come from different cultures of all ages and genders, which means that our guests are just as diverse. We hear people tell us a lot how comfortable they are in our salon [because] it’s not a stuffy or pretentious environment—its an EDGEWORTHY experience.”

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One of the most interesting lessons Davis has learned being in business is the distinction of ownership. “An owner is generative, not reactive. They are creative, always looking for ways to improve their business for both customers and employees. They are ultimately responsible for everything.”

Davis says that his goal with Fringes is just to make a difference in the days, lives, and careers of the people that he touches. “[It’s] what shoots me out of bed in the morning. It’s what has me work long hours day after day. It’s what gives me my energy and the edge to keep going.”

Edgeworthy - A Fringes Salon Old Market 518 S. 10th St. 402-345-0404

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