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Choose the Right Shadow for Your Eyes

Jan 25, 2013 11:05AM ● By Bailey Hemphill
It’s common to get stuck wearing the same eyeshadow color for months, if not years. Sure, it’s intimidating to venture into a realm of new colors when you’re not even sure if those new colors will work well with your complexion or your eye color—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find a new color that really makes your peepers pop. Whether you have brown or blue, green or hazel, there is a perfect set of complementary colors for your eyes that you should definitely try.

Brown Eyes. Most women with brown eyes complain about having brown eyes, but what they don’t realize is that they have a really versatile eye color. For best emphasis of the beautiful, deep brown, try greens, pinks, and grays. A soft green can bring out the dimensions of brown eyes while coral pinks can draw brown eyes away from their “muddy” state. Grays are often ignored because they’re thought to be bland, but the silver tones in grays can actually help intensify the chocolate and amber qualities in brown eyes.

Blue Eyes. One of the most common mistakes women with blue eyes make is that they wear blue eyeshadow, which actually draws attention away from the beauty of their eye color. The best colors are actually earth tones, like browns, taupes, and grays, because they are more neutral and make blue eyes seem more vibrant by comparison. For more fun-filled splashes of color, blue eyes will also look lively with a deep magenta or fuchsia.

Green Eyes. Green eyes are often mistaken for hazel because many women don’t know how to play up their unique eye color. Unlike hazel, green eyes require more dramatic colors to emphasize their hidden qualities. Eyeshadows with sunset undertones, like amber or copper, bring out the yellow subtleties in green eyes, as green and orange are complementary colors on the color wheel. Even more dramatic enhancements can be made with a plum or purple eyeshadow, which really makes green seem brighter.

Hazel Eyes. Since hazel is a blend of all of the other eye colors, hazel can get away with several different shadows, depending on which color is going to be the main accent. To emphasize more of the brown, go for greens, pinks, and grays; to emphasize more of the blue, go for earth tones, like browns and grays; to emphasize more of the green, go for coppers and purples. The other option, of course, is to showcase all of these colors at once with a combination of browns and forest green shadows.

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