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Fighting Sun Glare

Nov 25, 2012 02:00PM ● By Darcie Dingman
It’s that time of year when everyone gets geared up and prepared for the hazards of winter driving, but there’s a forgotten and often dangerous hazard here right now that many are ill prepared for. With the days getting shorter, we face an additional hazard of sun glare to our already not so pleasant commute. Sun glare can cause us to have trouble seeing other vehicles, and even more dangerous, cause us to be unable to see traffic signals.

There are a few things we can do to be better prepared against sun glare:

  • Have a pair of sunglasses specifically dedicated for driving. Keep this pair in the car at all times. This way you won’t have to worry about not having them because you left them at home or work. Polarized sunglasses work best.
  • Having papers on your dash can create a reflection on your windshield, obstructing your view. Keep your dash free and clear.
  • Keep your windshield clean. Dust and any debris on the windshield have the effect of making sun glare more pronounced. Clean your windshield periodically to keep a dangerous hazard from getting worst.
  • If possible, avoid driving during the times when the sun is rising or setting.
  • Finally, like all hazardous conditions, you should slow down and avoid distracted driving.
By doing these simple steps to be more prepared, we can have a safer driving season.