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Eyebrow Threading

Nov 25, 2012 02:07PM ● By Lyndsey Hrabik
Maybe it’s the name that leaves people anxious about eyebrow threading, but that can be misleading. There are no needles involved—just you, a piece of knotted thread, and somebody wrapping the strand skillfully around unwanted eyebrow hairs.

And although eyebrow threading can be done with household items, don’t try this one at home. One wrong move could give you uneven eyebrows or using the wrong type of thread could draw blood by nicking the skin. With threading, Santi Sudha Yadlapalli says it’s all about knowledge. “If [the thread] is too thin, you may end up getting small cuts or bruises,” Yadlapalli says. “It has to be the right thread and the right technique.” That’s why a trained professional is necessary. Even though the technique is gaining popularity, you still won’t find many people in Omaha certified to perform the craft.

Yadlapalli of Santi’s Eyebrow Threading and Ayurvedic Spa at Oakview Mall was the first person to introduce the technique to Omaha. She learned the practice from cosmetology schooling in India, where she says the technique is widely used on facial hair. The benefits of threading eyebrows, she says, are noticeably more than for waxing. “It gives more precise shape than waxing,” she says. “It gives you more control.”

Threading could also give you more bang for your buck. Even though she’s an innovator to the area, Yadlapalli only charges $15 for eyebrow threading, which she can do in about five to seven minutes—around the same price as getting them waxed. The results of threading also tend to last longer because of the way the hair is removed. Yadlapalli says the results are because of the way the thread knots around each hair to pull it from the follicle, whereas some of the hair may break with waxing.

If you’ve been wary of removing unwanted facial hair due to sensitive skin, threading might be the option for you. Threading works on all types of skin, Yadlapalli says. “Everybody says this is less painful than waxing.” Plus, once clients start coming in regularly for the threading, she says they won’t feel the process at all.

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